The artist’s studio / my work

Ralph Stanton's House & Studio



The Artist’s  Studio.

My first studio in 1996 was at PSAS in Fremantle. In 2004 my wife Jo and I moved to a new award-winning terrace house – designed in conjunction with Nash & Ghersinich Architects in Northbridge, Perth. My studio occupied the ground floor, with ceiling-high south-light windows; it opened onto a lovely walled garden which filtered west light via a large light-well.

I am now working at Square One Studios, Alexandria, Sydney NSW.

A typical day:

I really am an afternoon painter. Mornings are engaged, sometimes in writing papers, piano or other activities,  leaving afternoons open for serious work – not unlike a university or art school timetable. This gives me space to take my time, contemplate and proceed – sometimes slowly, sometimes quite fast.

My Work

I am interested in expressing something of an inner light or emotional space, not personal, but non-objective and universal. My work is non-representational. It is “abstract” but is not an abstraction of any prior image; it is an attempt to capture meaning and beauty within the framework of a canvas – a timeless moment of recognition reflecting emotion and the sublime, a sort of search for order within a generally chaotic world.

I work with the interplay of surface and subsurface. I tend to work intuitively, with no initial plan other than a general approach and direction, allowing the work to evolve. I work with light, space and colour – and Perth and the West Coast generally, with its clear light and broad horizons has up until now been an absorbing source and inspiration.

With a recent installation, I attempt to express these ideas in 3D. Inside a darkened space, the work takes the form of a large jet-black cube, seemingly floating on a plinth of immaterial LED light slowly ranging through a full spectrum of colour. The viewer is invited to sit and quietly contemplate, perhaps to reflect upon his or her own “inner light”   and to enjoy the experience.