Ralph Stanton is an Australian abstract painter. Formerly practicing as an architect / urban designer in Perth, Western Australia. He is now a full-time artist, living and working in Sydney. He has worked and exhibited regularly since 1996.

My background:

Having conducted my own practice as an architect and urban designer, I took up serious art training in 1994 in Perth, where I have exhibited regularly. Since moving to Sydney in 2016 I have been working at Square One Studios, Alexandria. I live with my wife Jo in Zetland.

In Sydney I have soloed with Disorder Gallery, East Sydney, (online 2021) and at Francis Keevil Gallery Double Bay (2018) and have shown in group shows at Wellington Street Gallery (2021) and at Stella Downer and Grace Cossington Smith with Square One Studios, and with SQ1 itself in Darlinghurst. In 2023 I completed a very successful exhibition with Fraces Keevil at Woolloomooloo, and I have ongoing work on display at Lowe and Lee Gallery, Newtown.

In 2019 I was featured in Art/Edit magazine and in the September 2021 edition of Art Almanac.

About my work:

For want of finer definition, my work might be categorized as Abstract Expressionism. It aims to be subtle and feeling-based. If there is any “message” in my work, it is in the feeling or emotion evoked in the viewer. In the end I am interested in the realisation of beauty, and in the importance of beauty in healing our world.

In my online show, “There’s a Crack in Everything,” I explored Leonard Cohen’s idea that through the crack that exists in everything we can see the light presuming we are willing. Taking this further, my works are now more subtle, with no obvious crack or rupture in picture plane.

My latest show, “Looking for the Light”, continued to explore this idea. The light we seek is ephemeral, appearing from within, behind, from the sides, from above, from below, indirect, yet luminous. The light is integrated and inherent, rather than something that might be more obvious.

Illumination not via a lightning strike, but rather a glow. I’m interested in the patterns of light as they play out on the texture of the paint’s surface. The painting becomes like a piece of jewellery, an artefact in itself which has its own beauty, and with little need for explanation or to tell a story.

My studio: Square One Studios, Alexandria NSW

I have works at Lowe and Lee Gallery, Newtown NSW

Latest exhibition at Frances Keevil Gallery, Double Bay and Disorder Gallery, East Sydney NSW

Available works can be purchased via