Ralph Stanton is an Australian abstract painter. Formerly practising as an architect / urban designer in Perth, Western Australia  he is now a full-time artist, living and working in Sydney. He has worked and exhibited regularly since 1996  and is currently at Square One Studios, Alexandria NSW sq1.info

His work is primarily about the light we seek. It reflects a feeling that the light is ephemeral, appearing indirectly in luminous patterns playing on the surface. The painting becomes like a piece of jewellery, beautiful in itself, without the need to tell a story.

Ralph Stanton is an Australian abstract painter. Trained as an architect and practising in Perth, he now lives in Sydney. He has worked and exhibited paintings regularly since 1996.

“Ralph Stanton’s canvases also celebrate paint. He lays down rich textures that explore the physicality of the medium. His works call to the viewer from a distance while close inspection rewards us with glimpses of underlying activity just beneath the surface, the memory of another idea perhaps. It is the process of painting, the layering of colour invite tactile inspection; but when we move closer we don’t touch, instead we seem to fall into infinity.”*

*“Art Seen In Western Australia” by Judith McGrath

Qualifications and Professional Associations:
Diploma of Art & Design (Fine Art) – Claremont School of Art (WA)
Post-graduate Diploma in Town Planning (University College London)
Bachelor of Architecture (University of Melbourne)

He is a foundation member of “CityVision”, an urban design forum in Perth.

Architecture / Urban Design:
Ralph Stanton and his firm were engaged in large-scale land development design projects throughout the Perth region and for comprehensive urban design studies for major regional centres; Ralph has also been involved in design of several houses.

New Residence and Studio in Perth: – In collaboration with  Nash + Ghersinich Architects –
AIA Residential Award Commendation 2005
Town of Vincent – Residential Design Award 2005


Born in Melbourne, Ralph Stanton practised as an architect and town planner in Perth, Western Australia, with his own firm for twenty years. He has lived in London, and has travelled widely in Europe, India, Japan, Israel, North and South America.

After later art studies, he is now a full-time artist, represented by Jahroc Galleries, Margaret River, Western Australia. He has exhibited regularly since 1996 and since 2004 has worked from his award- winning house/studio in Perth. He recently moved to Sydney, and now works at Square 1 studios, Alexandria.